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Moving Service In OKC, Yukon & Edmond
(405) 369-7337
Moving Service In OKC, Yukon & Edmond

Piano Movers

Our team of experts understand that moving a piano takes exceptional preparation & planning. Our team will work to move your piano in a manner that is as safe as possible. Over our over 40 years of experience we have successfully moved a variety of pianos including:

  • Player Pianos
  • Spinets
  • Concert Grand
  • Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • Uprights

The moving services we provide can help you move your piano from point A-B regardless where. We work with individuals, performers, schools, and anyone who owns a piano.

Local & Long Distance Piano Movers

Piano moving requires an exceptional amount of skill, and no situation is similar to another. Wherever you are going in the country, RNR Moving promises to take great pride and skill in your piano. No matter the move RNR Moving will use the right equipment for the job.

To make things easier, one of our piano moving experts will be glad to meet with you prior to your move to discuss procedures, etc. Piano moves need special handling. Leave the handling to the experts at RNR Moving.

Special Requirements of Moving Pianos

When it comes to moving a piano it is drastically different compared to other types of moves. If things are not properly protected it can cause a great deal of damage to the piano. We go to the greatest extents such as, checking for level on the truck floor to ensure no stress on the legs or casters. We also go through a great deal to protect the lid of the keyboard with proper wrapping, place protective pads on doorways and in tight spaces.

Most commonly pianos are not crated for moves, unless you are traveling internationally or a very long distance. 

Feel free to inquire about our piano moving services. We will use our experience to ensure that your piano move will be handled correctly.